Our Services


First Trust has a built a suite of services over the years to meet the needs of entrepreneurial businesses and multi-national corporations.

Our comprehensive range of corporate services include the following:

Our Approach


Increasingly, businesses today are facing pressure to improve customer services, decrease costs and utilize new business applications and models. Our capability is tailored to help our clients manage this expectation through innovation solutions. We seek to achieve your needs through the following:

Good Communication

Our approach is to highlight important issues, discuss them with you, and provide practical advice on how changes can best be introduced. We will to meet with senior management as required to ensure that we understand the business issues as they evolve. This will enable us to give pro-active advice and will allow you to be certain that all significant issues are addressed and resolved quickly.

A planned approached

We will ensure that the services you receive are planned in advance, coordinated, effective and respond fully to your business needs.

Pro-active advice

We aim to anticipate changes in corporate regulatory areas and will regularly update you on emerging tax, accounting and regulatory issues that may have an impact on your organization. We are keen to support your business development and to assist you in finding solutions that make your ideas work from the regulatory viewpoint.

Committed service

We take a genuine interest in each client's business and take pride in helping the client to achieve their objectives. This special interest and care is part of our basic philosophy.